4 jun. 2011

Descargar: Collecting and Interpreting Qualitative Materials.(Norman Denzin & Yvonna Lincoln )


Introduction: The Discipline and Practice of Qualitative Research, by Norman K. Denzin and Yvonna S. Lincoln
Part I. Methods of Collecting and Analyzing Empirical Materials
2. The Interview: From Structured Questions to Negotiated Text, by Andrea Fontana and James H. Frey
3. Rethinking Observation: From Method to Context, by Michael V. Angrosino and Kimberly A. Mays de Pérez
4. The Interpretation of Documents and Material Culture, by Ian Hodder
5. Reimagining Visual Methods: Galileo to Neuromancer, by Douglas Harper
6. Autoethnography, Personal Narrative, Reflexivity: Researcher as Subject, by Carolyn Ellis and Arthur p. Bochner
7. Data Management and Analysis Methods, by Gery W. Ryan and H. Russell Bernard
8. Software and Qualitative Research, by Eben A. Weitzman
9. Analyzing Talk and Text, by David Silverman
10. Focus Groups in Feminist Research, by Esther Madriz
11. Applied Ethnography, by Erve Chambers

Part II. The Art and Practices of Interpretation, Evaluation, and Representation
12. The Problem of Criteria in the Age of
Relativism, by John K. Smith and Deborah K. Deemer
13. The Practices and Politics of Interpretation, by Norman K. Denzin
14. Writing: A Method of Inquiry, by Laurel Richardson
15. Anthropological Poetics, by Ivan Brady
16. Understanding Social Programs through Evaluation, by Jeniffer C. Greene
17. Influencing the Policy Process with Qualitative Research, by Ray C. Rist

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  1. excelente libro, mucha gracias

  2. Hola me parece una excelente obra. Felicidades y aprovecho para preguntarte si tienes el libro de DENIZ NORMAN K. "TRIANGULATION" que puedas compartir.
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