6 jun. 2011

Descargar: Studies in the history of European anthropology. (Vermeulen & Alvarez)


Introduction: The history of anthropology and Europe, by Han F.Vermeulen and Arturo Alvarez Roldán

Part I The origins of anthropology in Europe
1 Towards a prehistory of ethnography: early modern German travel writing as traditions of knowledge, by Michael Harbsmeier
2 Origins and institutionalization of ethnography and ethnology in Europe and the USA, 1771–1845, by Han F.Vermeulen
3 Discovering the whole of humankind: the genesis of anthropology through the Hegelian looking-glass, by Gheorghita Geana
4 Enlightenment and Romanticism in the work of Adolf Bastian: the historical roots of anthropology in the nineteenth century, by Klaus-Peter Koepping

Part II Contributions to European anthropology
5 Orang Outang and the
definition of Man: the legacy of Lord Monboddo, by Alan Barnard
6 Beyond evolutionism: the work of H.J. Nieboer on slavery, 1900–1910, by Jan J.de Wolf
7 Bronislaw Kasper Malinowski and Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz: science versus art in the conceptualization of culture, by Peter Skalník
8 Malinowski and the origins of the ethnographic method, by Arturo Alvarez Roldán

Part III Anthropological traditions in Europe
9 Sweden: central ethnology, peripheral anthropology, Tomas Gerholm
10 The anthropological tradition in
Slovenia, by Zmago Šmitek and Bož idar Jezernik
11 Ethnography and anthropology: the case of Polish ethnology, by Zbigniew Jasiewicz and David Slattery
12 Historical anthropology and the history of anthropology in Germany, by Nikola Susanne Bock
13 Spanish social anthropologists in Mexico: anthropology in exile and anthropology of exiles, by Enrique Hugo García Valencia
14 A history of paradoxes: anthropologies of Europe, by Thomas K.Schippers

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